Thursday, May 2, 2013

Five Friday Favorites - To a Tee!

The hunter stalks her prey. 
She searches by the light of day and sometimes even in the dark of night on... the internet. 
What is this illusive item she seeks to find? The classic white tee. 
What's this you say? It's an easy target? Anyone could track it? 
Don't be fooled by the surplus of options on the market. There are impostors out there but we search for the real thing. 
The best of the best are hard to find... 
I, the Sentimental hunter, have searched high and low. 
It's a jungle out there but I am not easily deterred. 
Behold - the best white tees!

Just like Goldie said - not to loose, not too tight, just right. This tee looks perfect tucked into tight fitting skinny jeans and can just as easily be worn untucked with a fun summer printed miniskirt.

I love the higher neckline on this tee. Makes it ideal for wearing with big chunky chokers or bib necklaces. It's also more fitted which makes it great for layering under blazers.

I've owned this tee for years! It retains its shape and looks great wash after wash after wash. The material is thicker so no need to worry about it being see-through and the extra length makes it hit right at that magical mid-hip location. 

The v-neck is the classic tees bosomy best friend. Some times you want a different neckline. Splendid's tees have perfect sleeves - they miraculously make upper arms look more toned. And the materials they use are all SUPER soft.

At $9.99 for a 3-pack it's tough to resist this old faithful. This is the tee I turn too when I am seriously casual. Perfect for Sunday strolls with slouchy jeans and ideal to sleep in with a pair of your man's boxers. You must admit - there is something very sexy about wearing men's clothes...

And how do you style these fabulous tees? Just a few of my favorite looks...

Loose and Laid Back

The Perfect Pairing with Prints

Sleek and Sexy

This tee rocks with boots for day - and holds its own if you swap out heels for night!

Elle McPherson still killing it.

Wait a second?!? I swear he had a white tee on when I picked this image...
I have no clue how this happened.

The perfect white tee really can do ANYTHING.

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  1. Ok, that pic of Ryan Gosling just made my morning, thank you for that.


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