Tuesday, June 18, 2013

With all this rain...

With all this rain - one needs a little inspiration. If this terrible wet weather persists I fear we may end up with a lake in our front yard and a river in our back. The gray skies make me pensive. I crave cozy moments, snuggled up at home, thinking about the change that has unfolded in recent months. I seek out silence - quiet that makes room for reflection amongst the chaos. Here is what I ponder and find inspiration in as the rain continues to fall outside my window.

I am a planner and a doer - but have I been enough of a dreamer? 

I fight too often against the change unfolding around me. It might be time to start flowing with it.

Does your gut tell you who to spend more time with and who to keep at a slight distance? Listen. It's usually right.

What does success look like? A big paycheck? Mighty accolades? Or perhaps a full heart and mind after a long day of good work.

Oh the letting go... Why does it always feel like the hardest part?

Let go. Let go. Let go.
Be gentle. Be gentle. Be gentle.
Love. Love. Love.

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