Sunday, June 16, 2013

Party time!

As a writer - most of my work is logged during late nights and early mornings with only the clicking of the keyboard to keep me company. As a blogger I thrive on partnerships - interviews with clever creators and photo shoots with snappy objects. I collaborate because I believe in the people, places, things, and emotions that I choose to feature on the blog. Collaboration is a dance between two bodies swaying to the same rhythm. Without the collaboration I am out on the dance floor on my own. I'm cool with that - but every so often it sure is nice when someone reaches out a hand and says, "Want to hit the floor together?" That's when it becomes a dance party. Welcome to my party.

I couldn't be more happy to share that I will be co-hosting an event on Wednesday, June 26th with fashion pioneer Steven Alan. The store sells Alan's namesake line as well as clothing, bags, and accessories by around 100 other fabulous young designers. One of my favorites from their line-up is the incredibly talented handbag designer Clare Vivier. Clare will be here on the 26th - personally monogramming her to-die-for bags! Please do join - and bring friends. The Sentimentalist firmly believes that more = merrier.



Vivier's bags make me weak in the knees. They are sleek, fun, sexy, and perfectly sized for any occasion. I've got my eye on the tan striped clutch for 4th of July weekend. How perfect would it be with a simple white dress? And monogrammed? Done. 


I had an absolute blast last week visiting the store, trying on looks, and getting up close and personal with the many treasures that are hidden behind their storefront on the top of Greenwich Avenue. And the outfit options? For those readers who have written in and asked for outfit inspiration - here it is.

For the "Outdoor Evening Dinner Party"
{Dress: Steven Alan}
For "Errands Around Town"
{Top: Lauren Moffatt, Jeans: Won Hundred} 
For "Drinks and Late-Night Dancing"
{Dress: Steven Alan}
For "Extra Swagger while Drinking and Dancing"
{Clutch: Clare Vivier}
For "From Gym to Pick Up"
{Shirt: Steven Alan, Bag: Clare Vivier, Shoes: Shoes Like Pottery}

For "I Even Took Time to Accessorize Effect"
{Bracelet: In God We Trust}
For "Lunch with the Ladies"
{Dress: Steven Alan, Bag: Clare Vivier}


It's a treasure trove of gems. The beach blanket is the perfect gift for anyone you visit this summer. And the jewelry says "I think you are someone special." when given as a gift. Or "I think I am someone special." when bought for yourself. Gentlemen, there is plenty for you too. No excuses. Get shopping.

These bright colored laces would look super snappy in my old boat shoes.

Men's trunks that are not too short or too long - just right.

The Beach Blanket

Flowers for the Minis = Love

I've had my eye on Military Watch Company for a while - laid back classic.

Eye spy new glasses I want.

The "Kick-around" Shoe that would kick my Converse Chuck Taylor's to the curb...

For The Boys...

Love Love Love. Need Need Need an "E" and an "S".




A Clare Clutch with Cute Shorts

Skip the flip flops - and wear these with your cover-up.

The Line Up

Navy sandals? Be different. Do it.

Hope to see you all on the 26th! And please do pass along to those in the area. We'll drink. We'll talk. We'll try clothes. We'll monogram bags. And we'll get sentimental. Can't wait!

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