Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five Friday Favorites from My Father-in-Law's Car

Here's how it all began... John and I found ourselves driving in Opa's car (Opa is John's dad) a few weeks back after a day of skiing. I glanced in the side pocket of the door and found this funny, pointy, odd-looking object (see photo below). Here is the conversation that followed: 

Lindley: "What the heck is this?" 
John: (laughter) "Guess?"
Lindley: "Some sort of tire pressure reader?"
John: "Nope. It's a tool you use to break the window of the car if you ever find yourself in a vehicle that is sinking in water."
Lindley: (silence caused by stunned amazement)

If John's dad was a Boy Scout he would have every merit badge ever created. He is nothing if not prepared. I find it to be VERY entertaining.

This gadget is called a Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Tool on amazon. Come on now?!? You grab the tool, cut the seatbelt, and then break the window as your car is sinking? This is 007 stuff Opa! 

I then decided to dig a little deeper and that is when I found almost 50 moist towelettes in the same side pocket. Not quite sure what one does with 50 moist towelettes, but I do know me and Opa have a similar mission statement. When in doubt never ever turn down free stuff. 

I then ventured into the compartment between the two seats. Pipe, I get. We all know he sneaks a pipe every so often when the opportunity presents itself and no one is watching. Head lamp, not so much. I can't for the life of me figure out when he would envision wearing this? Oh wait, I got it. He'd wear it if and when the engine breaks down and he is out on the road alone at NIGHT. The head lamp would allow him to see under the hood while he fixed the engine. Eureka! That's when most of us would just call AAA.

Cups in the cup holder? Not for this guy. That's where he stashes lens cleaner and a fishing lure. One never knows when they might have the opportunity to clean their lenses or fish. Aha! Maybe you use the lure to fish after you have broken out of the car with your Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Tool. Yes. That's it.

This little baby is like a pocket protector for your car. Highlighter? Check. Pen? Check. Rubber bands? Check. Waterproof Sharpie? Check. TWO Swiss Army Knives? Double check. (Beware: highlighting while driving is DANGEROUS.)


And because he is a man after my own heart - style is never to be forgotten. He keeps this Scottish Driving Cap on the dashboard at all times. How appropriate.

**The above objects were found in the front 1/3 of the car. Stayed tuned for part II where we delve into what he keeps in the back of the car.

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