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Dear Sentimentalist

Dear Sentimentalist, 

We have recently moved to Greenwich and as you are a wealth of great info, would you put together a list of your favorites? Favorite mani/pedi? Favorite dry cleaner? Favorite blow out? Favorite massage? etc. Your knowledge needs to be shared!!

Mother of Two with One-On-The-Way

Dear Mother of Two, 

Thank you for the compliment. Having grown up in the area I must admit I was lucky to be moving "home" so I knew a lot of the best places by default. I've loved this town for a long time but never as much as I do now. We moved back here 3 years ago and decided to settle in Riverside, a new neighborhood for us. It is a warm friendly area where kids play on the street (while parents watch) and we walk to town every weekend for coffee. When we got here I did feel a little "new" since I didn't know this part of Greenwich that well before. Being "new" is exciting but it can be intimidating at the same time. To all my "new" readers - I hope the list below helps you to feel a little more at home. 

The Sentimentalist

Best Shoe Repair: Occhicone in Port Chester
42 North Main Street - Port Chester (914) 937-6327
If you love your shoes, truly and deeply love them - then you should take them to Occhicone in Port Chester. It is a family run business and they are masters of all things leather. They can do something as simple as putting a rubber protective sole on a beautiful stiletto or something as complicated as remaking an entire shoe so that it goes from being a pump to a wedge. Did I mention they also have everything you could ever need to care for your shoes and bags? This spot is not to be missed! 

Best Massage: Luke Scully
25 Adams Ave. - Stamford (203) 921-5554
The man has magic hands. He has a beautiful little studio in his apartment where you can get a 1 hour massage for $100 or he will come to you with his table for $150/hour. Luke is truly a healer. He received his education as a massage therapist at the Center for Massage Therapy in Westport and has since then worked with injured athletes as well as those suffering from muscular disorders, cancer, and heart disease. I walk away from his "work" feeling more balanced and truly pampered.

Best Blow Out: Plush Blow Salon 
18 Lewis St. - Greenwich (203) 992-1818
I have mastered the every day blow job, but went I want it done really well I go to a pro. (Tee hee - sorry that was dirty. Couldn't help myself.) The gals at Plush are so nice, they make a mean cappuccino, and the price is right if you buy a package. $40 each or 6 for $210. 

Best Manicure: Cozy Nails
103 Greenwich Ave. - Greenwich (203) 622-3023
At Cozy you get a good quick mani for $10 - and they give you this insane neck and back massage throughout the mani that makes it worth at least $20. 

Best Tailor: Ted the Tailor
2 Church Street - Greenwich (203) 869-5699
Joe and his daughter can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I bring them jeans and pants that need hemming but they have also helped me to remake a piece that needed a second life. The tailored a leather skirt from the early 90s and it is now one of my favorite things in my closet. Did I mention they can completely fix moth holes? You know how I feel about those...

Best "Specialty" Dry Cleaners: Thomas Cleaners

68 Lewis Street - Greenwich (203) 869-9420
If you have a stain, Thomas Cleaners will get it out. I bring them my most precious pieces and they work miracles. Black tie attire in particular. One note - they only take cash or check so be prepared. 

Best "Every Day" Dry Cleaners: Brighton Cleaners
146 Sound Beach Ave. - Old Greenwich (203) 698-1135
These guys press shirts perfectly and never chip buttons. Their turn-around time is 24 hours and they do free pick-up and delivery too. In a pinch the owner's father can hem pants in 48 hours!

Best Haircut: Dmitriy Isakharov 
(718) 314-3529 (Text him to schedule appointments)
$120 for a cut and blow dry and $60 for just a blow dry. Yup, I sat on my back porch as he cut my hair and the kids played in the bouncy castle just a few feet away. It doesn't get any more convenient than that. And I like the cut too. Do you? 



Best Sports Shop: Threads and Treads
17 East Putnam Ave. - Greenwich (203) 661-0142
If you are a runner you know just how important good shoes are for your feet. Too tight and you get blisters. The wrong type of sole and you get foot pain. The owner Mickey (who has been running the business for more than 30 years) and his son Matt are masters of all things exercise. Matt had me try on 4 pairs of running shoes before we figured out that Asics give my very flat feet the type of support they need. He is LEGIT. 

Old Faithfuls from Threads and Treads

**When you hit up these fine establishments - tell them The Sentimentalist sent you!

**Stay tuned... More to come.

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