Monday, October 28, 2013

Golden Gourds

I rarely have time - but I must admit that I adore reading about DIY projects. The simplest of the projects I admire are the ones I attempt at home. I am also always drawn to the ones I can get my kids involved with. As previously noted here I adore child labor. 

While in Vermont last month we bought a bundle of uniquely shaped gourds and a few big pumpkins for the front porch. The gourds are beautiful in their natural state but I thought sprucing them up a bit would instantaneously turn them into "holiday" decorations. Let's be honest - decorating is not my forté. I had to really pat myself on the back after I Emma turned these traditional gourds into "golden beauties".

What you'll need:
-Miniature Pumpkins
-Paint Brushes
-Painter's Tape
-Acrylic Paint (I bought this at Michael's) 

1) Rinse and dry gourds/pumpkins
2) Cover stems with Painter's Tape
2) Paint body of gourd/pumpkin
3) Allow to dry for 30 minutes and remove tape from stems
4) Voila!

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