Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Gift Guide: For Her

If Santa were indeed curious about the things on my lists... Here you have some of my favorite items right now. A little something for everyone I think!

There is something so cool about a cape. Dress it up. Dress it down. Layer away people!

I am not a big manicure girl. I chip them immediately. And that makes me sad. These nail oils are the perfect alternative... Keep things shiny and bright! 

I am way into the crop and matching skirt. Retro and yet so current!

The perfect way to dress up any black flat or heel!

Hot pants!! That's it. Keep the rest of the outfit simple. 

I dream of a big beautiful closet with a sweet little spot where I can sit and do my make-up. This stool is Iso there!

You all know how I feel about hair. This kit has it all.

Imagine these with my Uggs, a cuddly sweater, and a cozy hat. Hello winter.

Kick up your heels this holiday season! In these! 

I have had many very smart friends recommend I read this. It's time to get informed! Weekly.

The perfect piece to make your living room feel very current. J'adore agate.

J is for John. E is for Emma. S is for Sophie...

Blue suede shoes? Wicked cool version. Pretty please?

A clutch that charges your phone. For real. Mom, I know you want it.

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