Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Sometimes a deep hole is chiseled into our hearts. A hole that is filled with anguish, sadness, fear, and very deep grief. The hole remains. We ruminate and ponder - seeking answers. Eventually we cover the surface to protect the wound and allow it to heal. The hole underneath remains. The outer space is covered and protected but under the surface bubble the memories, sadness, love, and fear. We are changed, perhaps stronger and wiser and deeper, but the hole remains. Today on the 12th anniversary of the September 11th attacks we honor what remains. 

On that crystal clear fall morning 12 years ago almost all of us were touched by the enormous tragedy of 9-11. Fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters were lost. Friends disappeared, never to be heard from again. Husbands perished without even a brief goodbye to the wives and children they left behind. That event, that day, changed us all. If ever there was a painfully unbearable silver lining - dare we call it such a thing - it was the love, courage, strength and compassion that came after that terrible day. We, as a people, rose up from the ashes and rebuilt. We gingerly covered holes and allowed new life to burst through the young soil on the surface.

A very dear friend was profoundly affected by the attacks. Their small family was forever changed by that fateful day. And yet - they have gone on. Gone on to honor the one they lost. Gone on to love deeply despite the knowledge that even if we love fiercely we are never fully safe from evil in this world. They've gone on to bring joy and inspiration to those around them. They have built atop the new soil - life blooms from their strong hearts and ceaseless faith. They are my heroes. 

In their honor I ask that you tune in here and watch a dance - done by many - but one in particular in her father's honor. I think it will fill a small space in your heart with love. And that is the point after tragedy. To honor the emptiness left behind while also slowly - day by day - refilling it with love. 

Here in our town - we too shine a light on those lost. I look forward to learning more about the September 11th Greenwich Memorial. In the fall of 2014 it will be completed, a beacon in our midst, honoring the 29 members of our community who were lost on that unforgettable day.  

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