Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Absence of Fear

A friend recently asked me why I blog? The answer was easy. I blog so that I can share what inspires me. Case in point, Catherine Destivelle (pictured above). This French professional rock climber became famous in the 80s for free soloing intense peaks and rock facades without any safety harnesses. Watch the video below. Her confidence is palpable. Her hands seem to glide along the rock walls - knowing just were to latch on as her body precariously dangles 100s of feet above the Earth below. As I watched her climb the steepest cliff in Mali without ropes of any kind I caught myself holding my breath and gripping the edge of my desk. Her life was on the line. She stared fear in the face. She defied gravity and brings a whole new meaning to the moniker "Catherine the Great".

Do you notice as you watch Catherine in the video that failure seems an impossibility to her? She is fearless.

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