Monday, July 29, 2013

For Little People

Camp is done. Kids are home. And we plan on spending two weeks lounging in jammies, picnicking at the beach, and soaking up some long August days by the pool. I know that as summer creeps to an end I will inevitably spend time thinking about the fall and new beginnings. Two birthdays have passed this summer and soon school days will start anew. Once babes dwelling in cribs - my two very grown-up-seeming girls are now officially sharing a room. I find myself lingering outside their door at night to listen to their precious conversations. Bedtime books are read with both of them snuggled up in one single bed. Afterwards they beg to sleep in the same bed and cling to each other when we pull them apart and tuck them in across the room from each other.

They love this shared space that feels so new to them. That being said - I feel it is time to refresh their space. The carpet, stained with water marks from spilled sippy cups and old play-doh is ready to be retired to the land of kid-carpets gone awry. The walls feel dingy and need a fresh coat of paint. The toys hang over the edges of baskets and crave new less-cluttered bins. It is time to purge and start anew.

I envision a space that is cozy and comfortable - a place where they can lie on the lush carpet flipping through their favorite books. A place that feels welcoming but also orderly and peaceful. The women of the Pless clan love to acquire "things". Tchotchke has become a favored word in our home. I am eager to find some simple storage options and a few items that add a bright pop of color to what I envision will be a mostly white room. The carpet feels like the most important part. I am on the hunt. Below is my inspiration.

How have you created space for your children? Do tell...

Artwork via Mondocherry


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Unlabeled Images: Pinterest

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  1. Love tree house themes that make use of every space in the room.


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