Sunday, March 10, 2013

Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news!

For me with doctors it is all about the bedside manner. There are a lot of smart, educated, and accredited individuals out there. If I choose you as my physician you have to bring more to the table than that. I think doctoring is about healing and healing is about not only fixing problems but also figuring out where they came from and how to avoid them in the future. There must be time for a dialogue and the dialogue must be about how the patient lives and what the patient has lived through. If we are honest with doctors about symptoms and emotions, we make it easier for them to diagnose.

I don’t like doctors who are afraid to be compassionate. I need to feel cared for when I am sick or in pain. The doctors on my list care. In my experience, these men and women have made me feel heard. They have made time to listen to my concerns and work with me on a healing plan. I feel great confidence in them. If you try them, I think you will too.

Dr. David Weinstein (Obstetrics/Gynecology) 203-325-4321
Dr. Weinstein loves his job. He cares about the women he sees and he dotes on every baby he delivers. He has been my gynecologist since I was 13 and has delivered both my daughters. He also delivered my brothers and sister and some 9,000 other babies throughout his career. He is that perfect balance of calm and concern. He lets you wait, but when he says it is time to take action, you know to listen. More than 40 years into his career, Dr. Weinstein remains well read and it gives me great confidence to know that he attends conferences all over the world to be certain that he is always doing/using/knowing the latest technology. Extra added bonus – his nurses are excellent.

Dr. Nancy Fazzinga (Pediatrician) 203-622-4301
Having Dr. Fazzinga as our pediatrician makes me sleep better at night. I know that even when she is no longer “on call” my kids are still in her thoughts. She doesn’t check out when the shift ends. She’s the doctor who meets you at the hospital when you are at the ER waiting for stitches. She’s the doctor who lets your children try her stethoscope so that they feel more at ease before an exam. She has steady hands and a big heart. I love that she actually talks to her young patients instead of talking at them. Her bedside manner is bar none the best I have seen from a pediatrician.

Dr. Rhett Drugge (Dermatologist) 203-324-5719
With two parents who have had melanomas removed – I take my skin care seriously. This doctor is legit. He created a state-of-the-art machine called the Melanoscan. Here's how it works - at his office you stand inside a very sci-fi feeling photo booth in the nude and multiple cameras snap images of your body from all angles. Year over year the images are compared and even slight changes are inspected. He claims he can easily get rid of my post-baby spider veins too. Haven’t been brave enough to try it yet… I’ll keep you posted.

Dr. Frederic Khoury (Plastic Surgeon) 914-253-9300
Put this man’s phone number in your speed dial. Now. Part of me wishes I never had to meet Dr. Khoury but part of me is glad I met him because I have already called on his services for Sophie twice and three times to help friends in need. He is a genius when it comes to stitching people up. One hour into a 25-stitch wound on Sophie’s upper-chin and John and I were both sweating bullets as we held her down. Dr. Khoury was cool as a cucumber, singing to Sophie the entire time. He is magical with children.

Dr. John Schinto (Dentist) 203-978-1184
There is nothing fun about going to the dentist but Dr. Schinto makes it as enjoyable as possible. This guy can fill a relatively large cavity in 15 minutes flat. The women at the front desk are lovely (I definitely cannot say that about every doctor’s office I have been too in my life), the space is clean and fresh looking, and I also really appreciate the TVs, with cable, in each exam room. :)

Laura Liebesman and Alicia Hirsch (Physical Therapists) 203-869-3470
If you are wounded, these women will make you better. For a reminder about my neck issues click here. I am proud to announce that 8 weeks into physical therapy with Alicia my neck pain was 99.9 percent gone. Alicia not only stretched and massaged the pain away, but she also helped me to rebuild and balance the muscles in my neck, shoulder, and upper back – strengthening the area so I don’t injure it again. The entire team at ONS Physical Therapy is great, including my step-cousin in-law (disclaimer) Laura who runs the facility.

Dr. Philip McWhorter (Surgeon) 203-863-4300
I stand corrected on this guy. When he did my emergency appendectomy earlier this year I thought he was a little cocky and somewhat rushed. When he told me I could get up right away and resume normal activity just after surgery I thought he was INSANE. Two days after surgery I called him to express my concerns and he stuck to his guns. The man is hard-core. He said he was confident that he had done little internal damage when removing the appendix and that he had sewn me up well enough that I was good to go. 8 weeks later the incision looked like a “small flesh wound” and I had no post-op issues or pain. Cocky can now be replaced by confident. He’s good. 

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